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FAQ’s about Funeral Care and Cremations in Kokomo, IN

Many in our modern world don’t speak about death or dying. So, when it happens that a loved one dies, we may not know much about the service industry that supports the care and disposition of the deceased. That results in a lot of questions about funerals and cremations in Kokomo, IN. At Indiana Funeral Care, our goal is to be a trusted source of aftercare to those who seek our help. In that spirit, here are several questions and accompanying answers to common queries about funeral and cremation care:

Is it Better to Bury or Cremate?

One option is not better than the other. It depends on your preference of what kind of care you want for your deceased loved one. Casket burial in a cemetery remains the traditional means of laying a loved one to rest and is a popular choice. The opportunity to hold services with the body present at the funeral is an important tradition for many people, as well as burying the remains in a location that can be visited again and again.

Cremations are an increasingly common means of dispositioning the body of a loved one. Their popularity is aligned with families with concerns about cost, environment, and simplicity. Cremation care also provides much-needed flexibility for those who can’t always gather from far off places to attend a funeral service with the body present. Rather, the ashes can be held indefinitely until such time that a memorial service can be planned. Cremations also offer options about how to lay the remains of a loved one to rest. Inurned ashes can be kept on the mantle at home, but they can also be interred in a columbarium niche. Ashes can also be scattered in a place of meaning, or used in the fabrication of a monument stone or keepsake jewelry piece.

Is a Funeral or Memorial Service Required?

No, it is not. But psychologists and grief counselors have noted the incredible benefits to family and friends of the fallen when they choose to hold services. It provides an important social benefit to share grief, to express feelings, to remember, to find meaning and purpose in the life of the person that has died, and to help us to begin to heal from the wounds of loss.

Is It Necessary to Embalm the Remains of the Deceased?

Yes and No. For public health reasons, embalming is required if the remains of the person will be displayed or mourned at a public viewing or funeral service. However, it is not required if the remains will be removed from the place of death and immediately buried or cremated without interaction with the public. On rare occasions, the Federal Trade Commission can mandate embalmment when legal, criminal, or other circumstances make it prudent to do so.

What Should I Do When a Loved One Has Died?

If the death occurred at home, call the police department, preferably on a non-emergency phone number. The coroner’s officer will come to your home to review the circumstances of death. This will ensure the medical examiner’s pronouncement of death is legal. If a death happens at a medical or care facility, contact onsite health personnel for support. They will know the next steps should be taken.

If prearrangements have been made by the deceased in the event of their death, you can contact the funeral home and cremation provider in Kokomo, IN handling their care and disposition. They will provide guidance about the next steps to take. Lastly, it’s a good idea to call family and close friends, as well as any important social connections such as clergy, workplace colleagues, hobby groups, etc. The first-hand contact by phone is best for those who were close to the person who has died.

What is Financial Support Available to Pay for Funeral and Cremation Services?

Check with the following aid options:

  • If eligible for entitlements, check with the Social Security Administration, Department of Veterans Affairs, or the State Fund, as applicable to your situation.
  • Review and contact the deceased’s insurance policies for funeral expense coverage.
  • Inquire after any charities or other organizational assistance. Non-profits, faith supported funds, and community-minded groups are sometimes able to help.
  • Keep in mind that cremation is a more affordable care option and can be done in a direct or simple manner, keeping costs to an absolute minimum.

Serving Families with Funeral Home and Cremations Care in Kokomo, IN

Indiana Funeral Care was founded in 2001 with a focus on helping families of all socio-economic backgrounds to receive the aftercare they need for their fallen loved ones. It is our mission to provide affordable services to all who come to us for help. If you’re searching for funeral home and cremations support in Kokomo, IN, stop by our funeral home at 8151 Allisonville Rd Indianapolis, IN 46250 United States. Call on us for information about your needs at (317) 636-6464.

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