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Since 2001, Indiana Funeral Care has been serving families and their loved ones with funeral and cremation services. We are the leading funeral and cremation services provider in Indiana. Our dedicated staff members are here to provide support, compassion, and information to help you through your journey of grief and the celebration of your loved one’s life. We have been serving Indianapolis and Greenwood area families for years. We are honored to be a part of the rich history of this community and plan to be a part of it for many years to come.

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In the moments and hours after a loved one passes on, most people feel unsure what comes next. Often, they are not in a state of mind to deal with the decisions that need to be made. That’s where a trusted funeral home and cremations provider in Greenwood, IN can be a bastion of support. The aid of a compassionate and caring team of professionals is an important step in the proves of laying a loved one to rest.

But before the details of funeral planning and arrangements can be made, there are a handful of things that need to be immediately taken care of by the family of the fallen.

Call the Authorities

Death can happen anywhere. Where your loved one died may change how involved you need to be in this first initial step. Here are some things to know if death happens in any of these places.

  • Medical or Care Facility: In these places, doctors and staff will contact you and the appropriate authorities. There is no action needed on your part.
  • Home or Work: If a death happens in these places, you should call emergency services and the deceased’s doctor so they can help establish the cause of death.
  • Any Other Location: Call emergency services immediately for support. The doctor should also be notified of the death.

In all cases, if the person died without anyone present, you’ll want to contact the police. Don’t move the remains of the person until the police have arrived on the scene and given instruction to move the body.

Call a Funeral Home and Cremations Provider in Greenwood, IN

After the authorities have been notified, you’ll want to call your preferred funeral care professional for arrangements. A funeral director can guide you from there what steps should be taken. They will ask appropriate questions, make recommendations, and give you the information you need about what to expect going forward.

They will arrange to transport the body to their funeral home for care and may give you instructions to bring burial clothing, and any needed documents, such as military service paperwork. These will be used to support the arrangement conference to plan the funeral or cremation proceedings as you may prefer.

Visit the Funeral Home

At the scheduled time, you should meet the funeral director at their offices for a planning conference. At this meeting, you will receive all of the relevant information you need to arrange a funeral or cremation service. The funeral director will ask questions to help them understand your preferences for the care of your deceased loved one. The location of funeral and cremation services will be established, as well as date and time. Other important details will be arranged, including burial plots or urn niches, pallbearers, hearse transport, obituary notice in local print and online, service style to account for any cultural practices and beliefs, etc.

You’ll also receive guidance for the personalization of funeral services. Questions about the deceased will be asked to help gather understanding about who the person was in life. Their story and experience matter to those who will attend the funeral or memorial, so it’s important to share the appropriate information that will help the funeral team to do their job well.

Get Death Certificate Copies

The death certificate is a legal document that will help you to close out the affairs of the person who has died. It will enable you to close accounts, obtain insurance benefits, sell or transfer property, or finalize any other arrangements involving legal or business dealings. You can talk to the funeral director for help obtaining the document. You will likely want several copies.

Alert Family and Friends

If the family has not yet been notified about the death of their loved one, you’ll want to do so as quickly as possible. This step is important to handle personally so that they do not receive the information second hand. A phone call or in-person visit is best when possible. Close friends should also be informed first hand.

Other casual friends, coworkers, and acquaintances can be informed through email or other means. Any other of the deceased’s social contacts should also be notified, such as hobby clubs, civic groups, religious community connections, etc. Online or printed obituaries can help spread the news. Be sure to provide details about the funeral services, including dates and times. If you do not yet have that information, provide instructions where they can obtain that information when it’s available. You may be able to refer them to the online obituary page of the funeral home and cremation provider in Greenwood, IN that is handling aftercare services.

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Indiana Funeral Care is privileged to serve our community through funeral home and cremations care in Greenwood, IN. Call on our dedicated team of professionals for support at 2433 E Main St Greenwood, IN 46143 United States. Call today: (317) 348-1570.

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