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At the time a loved one dies, the surviving family must make many decisions about how to honor the life of the fallen, and to care for their remains. This situation becomes especially true if no advance planning arrangements were made in life. Left to decide for the deceased, many families are unsure whether to choose a casket burial in a traditional cemetery, or cremation service with a final rest of choice. That’s where a good funeral home and cremations provider in Franklin, IN can help.

Here at Indiana Funeral Care, we are often asked, which is better? Burial or cremation? The truth is, neither option is better. Both solutions have their pros and cons, so it always comes down to preference. If you or your family are seeking more information on how best to lay your loved one to rest, there are several things to consider.

Benefits of Funerals

Casket funerals are a traditional service tested by time and experience. They are a proven method of caring for the dead while helping families to find comfort and healing. They can include a viewing, funeral gathering, and graveside ceremony. There are variations of how funeral and cremations in Franklin, IN are carried out, but funeral elements are often as follows:

  • Viewing or Visitation Hours: Sometimes the viewing is also referred to as awake. It is a time for friends and families to gather together with the body of the deceased. Those who grieve can converse and share their pain and loss. Anywho may not yet feel the reality that their loved one has died can see their remains, helping them to suspend disbelief and begin healing. Viewings also provide a chance for friends and family to pay their last respects to the person who has died.
  • Funeral Service: Funerals are a formal gathering to commemorate the life of the deceased. They generally focus on the life story of the fallen, sharing highlights of who they were and what they accomplished. Their character, personality, and relationships are remembered. Those who attend the service can hear and internalize the good that this person has brought into their life.
  • Graveside Committal: After the funeral, the body and casket are taken to the cemetery plot for burial. Before the casket is lowered, a brief service is often held as the last act of love and parting. This experience is often reserved for family and close friends. Some services at the graveside include participation in the burial, such as throwing shovelfuls of dirt on the casket after it is lowered into the earth.

Benefits of Cremations

Cremation care is becoming more common all the time. Today’s families and individuals find it a practical means of meeting the needs of both the deceased and their surviving families. While the process of cremation is well established, the commemorative service is not. Here are the primary benefits of choosing cremation:

  • Price: Cremation is comparatively cheaper than a casket funeral. In a world where budgets and cost matter, many families are looking for practical ways to care for their fallen loved ones without incurring exorbitant costs. This makes cremation an attractive option, and a potentially wise choice.
  • Environment: For many, cremation seems to be a more earth-friendly way to send off a loved one. There is no requirement for embalming chemicals or casket fabrication. Caskets are energy-intensive and utilize woods, metals, plastics, and other materials that are used once during funeral services and are then buried forever with the deceased. Those concerned about the impact of a funeral on the environment may choose to look for alternative ways to bury their loved ones.
  • Memorial Service: The body of the fallen does not need to be present at a memorial. This practice makes it easier to plan the commemorative service at a more convenient time than shortly after death has occurred. Cremation services can happen immediately, and family and friends can gather at a future date when all can attend.

Compassionate Funeral and Cremations Service in Franklin, IN

The benefits of funeral and cremation services are immeasurable to those who remain. Both types of dispositional care serve the needs of families in different ways. Is there one way that is better than another? Only you and your family can decide. However, if you find you need additional information, you can speak with a funeral professional for help.

There are many providers ready to serve and help our community, but if you’re looking for a qualified funeral home and cremations provider in Franklin, IN with experience and hearts filled with compassion, visit our funeral care experts at Indiana Funeral Care. Our local funeral home and crematory is located at 2433 E Main St Greenwood, IN 46143 United States. Call us anytime for a helpful conversation at (317) 348-1570.

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